Our Template Pack

What is a template pack?


Our template pack consists of a piece of paper-like fabric, large enough to trace more than a king size bed, and a set of instructions.

This method is very reliable and allows us to service customers all around Australia and the world.

When placing an order for custom shaped bedding on our Online shop, we will automatically send one out to you. Once you receive it please follow the simple instructions and send it back to us as


Po.Box 4173,Castlecrag, NSW,2068


We will then get your order underway.

The instructions included in the pack are

- Lie the fabric FLAT on the top (face side) of the Mattress.

-With a felt tip pen, OUTLINE the exact shape of the top surface of the mattress

-Measure the DEPTH of the mattress and write in on the template fabric

-For clarity, indicate which end your head goes by writing HEAD and FEET on the fabric

-If you have any other info you feel is relevant to the fit of the bedspreads please feel free to note it on the fabric

 E.g. where the lockers or side tables are, which is the front edge of the bed, where the mattress meets the wall etc.