Drinkware STRAHL

A superior range of Drinkware. Strahl is made of high quality poly carbonate – a remarkable material with the weight, clarity and brilliance of crystal with the added advantage of being virtually unbreakable. Its also dishwasher safe.

Elegance Durability and versatility all rolled into one.

Strahl Designer Champagne Flute
Specifications: Size 0.16L Diameter 77mm Height 245 mm Max capacity 166ml Weight 0.19kg More

Strahl Designer Large Wine
Specifications: Size 0.38L Diameter 87mm Height 200mm Max capacity 388ml Weight 0.228kg More

Strahl Designer Small Wine

Strahl Designer Large Stemless
Specifications: Size: 0.39L Diameter 88mm Height 118mm Max capacity 395ml Weight 0.242kg More

Strahl Designer Small Stemless
Specifications: Size 0.24L Diameter 78mm Height 96mm Max capacity 247ml Weight 0.187kg More

Strahl Small Wine Goblet
Specifications: Size 0.20L Diameter 69mm Height 157mm Max capacity 240ml Weight 0.147kg More

Strahl Large Wine Goblet
Size 0.30L Diameter 77mm Height 169mm Max capacity 310ml Weight 0.189kg

Strahl Classic Champagne Flute
Specifications: Size 0.20L Diameter 66mm Height 208mm Max capacity 202ml Weight 0.166kg More

Strahl Small Tumbler
Specifications: Size 0.22L Diameter 79mm Height 83mm Max capacity 220ml Weight 0.149kg More

Strahl Medium Tumbler
Specifications: Size 0.30L Diameter 88mm Height 90mm Max capacity 300ml Weight 0.162kg More