What are the care instructions for the Strahl Drinkware? 


Strahl is virtually unbreakable, but like all plastic and even glass products, Strahl will gradually become scratched over time. However, with care use Strahl glasses can be used daily for many years without showing any signs of marking. 


Please find following some care instructions on how to best look after your Strahl.


-Strahl should be washed in hot soapy water or in a domestic dishwasher. 

-Please make sure not to use rough dish cloths or other abrasive cleaning aids.

-Only place Strahl on the top shelf of a domestic dishwasher.

-Avoid removing the bases from the Goblets or Champagne Flutes as this weakens the thread. 

-Do not 'nest' Strahl as it will mark the product.

-Avoid using products containing organic solvents, such as insect repellent on Strahl as it will damage the product. 

-Drinks based on aniseed oil, such as Ouzo, are safe in normal use but may cause damage on Strahl (and ordinary plastics such as acrylic) if left in contact with the surface for many hours eg. overnight. 


Strahl is covered by our 5 year limited warranty. The guarantee does not cover against scratching, damage caused by abrasive cleaners or misuse.



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