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For true style and elegance, we offer custom fitted bedspreads from a selection of the finest fabrics. Our customers have varying needs and lifestyle requirements and we want to accommodate yours by providing a large selection of fabrics for you to choose from. Some people prefer a traditional fitted bedspread with the bells and whistles whereas others prefer a contemporary , modern and simple look. We can help you find whats just right for you. Our ranges include:

Custom Shaped Bedspread

Each bedspread is quilted and custom made from the fabric of your choice and tailored to the exact dimensions of the bed. These bedspreads bring a very neat and fitted finish to all cabins, they are practical and are very easy to put on and take off the beds.


While our tailored bedspreads are more popular, we do offer a ‘ Flat tuck-in’ bedspread, similar to a regular bedspread. Made from the finest quilting and fabric, these bedspreads are flat and shaped, and are simply ‘tucked in’ around the shaped mattress of the bed.


Pillow Shams are decorative covers that slip over the pillows and pillowcases when they are not in use, creating a matching and co-ordinated finish. They are most often made in the same fabric as the bedspread. However for a more designer look, contrasting or complimentary fabrics may be used.


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